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Collectively Educated:
A Community Organizing Student Podcast

In this episode, Amara and Bella talk to fellow Collective Chair Sam about SB17 and its effects on student organizations within our UT community.


SB17, passed in 2023, is a Texas law placing firm restrictions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in public universities. Its consequences include DEI funding cutbacks, the exclusion of affirmative action hiring processes, and strict stipulations for diversity trainings.

EPISODE ONE DESCRIPTION In this episode, Amara and Bella talk to fellow Collective Chair S

Episode 3: Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks (AB) is a program within the Center for Community Engagement that sends small groups of UT students to outside communities to grow as leaders through immersive service experiences. AB is great for students who are looking to spend their spring break on a productive and interactive service-learning journey. In 2024, participants are going to South Texas (theme: immigration) and New Orleans (theme: active citizenship).


In this episode, Amara talks to past and current AB participants, Comfort Ajiboye, Marco Pevia, and 

Galilea Rodriguez.

Transcript coming soon!

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In this episode, Bella talks with fellow Collective Chairs Angie and Wesley about UT’s largest day of service - The Project!


The Project was founded in 1999 with the hope of helping the Austin communities around us. Project 2024 will be going out to the Dove Springs Neighborhood. The goal of the Project is to provide an opportunity for the UT community to volunteer together, create an impact, and most importantly, connect with underserved neighborhoods in Austin. By acting as a unified student body, we are able to share our overarching passion for service with the community we serve, resulting in a tangible impact within the area and in the hearts we touch. 


This year, there are 10 sites throughout Dove Springs with each having unique activities. Examples of the tasks we complete include planting, mulching, painting buildings, painting murals, and building fences. 

Click the below image for the

episode transcript!

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