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Past Trips


New Orleans, Louisiana

Years of partnership:  '15, '16, '17, '19, '22

Trip theme: Systemic Racism

Students and staff members traveled to New Orleans to learn through serving by building homes and fences, planting gardens, and learning firsthand the issues facing the New Orleans community. Participants worked with the help of Rebuilding Hope in New Orleans, HandsOn New Orleans, Habitat for Humanity, and a community garden. The group has been housed by the Center for Ethical Living, Social Justice Renewal and Molly’s House which helped to facilitate dialogue around systemic racism and its prevalence not only in the New Orleans community, but nationwide.

Mexico city, Mexico

Years of partnership:  '23

Trip theme: Environmental Sustainability

The Mexico City trip explored the history and present reality of environmental sustainability in the city. Six students volunteered with Huerto Roma Verde which is a citizens and social organization that carries out socio and environmental activities that benefit the community. In addition to volunteering, all students participated in cultural activities, immersing themselves in the local community.

San Francisco, California

Years of partnership:  '16,'17

Trip theme: LGBTQ+ Rights

 The San Francisco trip takes place during Spring Break. Participants and student leaders traveled to focus on the social issues that surround the LGBTQIA+ community. We partnered with Homeless Youth Alliance with a mission to meet homeless youth and help them build healthier lives.

Houston, Texas

Years of partnership:  '18

Trip theme: Community Voices in the wave of Gentrification

The Houston trip took place during Spring Break. Participants and student leaders traveled to focus on social issues that surrounded the residents of third ward. We partnered with the Emancipation Economic Development Council and Project Row houses to address/learn about the housing and displacement crisis within the city.

South Texas

Years of partnership:  '16,'17,'18,'19

Trip theme: Immigration Rights and Policy

The South Texas trips take place during Spring Break. Twelve student participants and two staff members travele to South Texas to focus on the social issue of immigration. Through a week of service they challenged and expanded their team’s knowledge on immigration as they explored this subject through an open mind and from different perspectives. Participants worked with Proyecto Azteco an organization that works to address the housing crisis in South Texas
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