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Hey volunteers! Here's a list of questions that you might have during Project Day! Please reach out to us if you think of more through our email !

Questions You Might Have On Project Day!

Where do I park? 

  • You can park at the George Morales Dove Springs Rec Center (limited parking, so please try and carpool!)

  • Address: 5801 Ainez Dr, Austin, TX 78744

Where do I check-in?

  • George Morales Dove Springs Rec Center 

Where are the bathrooms?

  • In the cafeteria, follow the signs!!!!

Which site am I volunteering with?

  • Check your Givepulse registration!!!

Where is the shuttle bus?

  • AM Shift: There will be a bus at 8AM and 8:30AM that will be stationed outside of Kinsolving Dormitory. These buses will take volunteers straight to HQ (George Moralez Rec. Center)

  • PM Shift: There will be a bus at 11AM and 11:30AM that will be stationed outside of Kinsolving Dormitory.These buses will take volunteers straight to HQ (George Morales Dove Springs Rec. Center)

What happens at the
Kick-Off event?

  • Kick-Off at HQ will be where volunteers check in, eat breakfast, get their free T-shirts and Project swag, meet with community leaders and members, and connect before heading off to their sites to volunteer!

How do I get back to campus?​

  • There will be a bus that takes you from your sites back to campus after your shift.

  • Note: Be sure to let your Site Leader know when you leave!

If I don’t know something, like how to get home or what I am supposed to be doing, who do I ask?

  • Ask your Site Leader! They will be more than happy to help answer any questions you have regarding transportation, food, health, and tasks.

I want to volunteer but I haven’t registered yet.

What should we wear to our shifts?

  • Protective clothing such as long pants and closed toed shoes you don't mind getting dirty! Try not to wear loose jewelry. We will be working hard out there!

If I lost something valuable, what do I do?

  • Contact your Site leader! If you are planning beforehand, try not to bring valuables because you will be moving around A LOT!

Do we have to wear our Project t-shirts?

  • Yes, be sure to rep Project 2024!

Do you provide food?

  • Lunch will only be provided for full day volunteers only, 

  • Every site will have snacks and drinks for everyone

  • What time are the shifts?

  • Morning: 10am-2pm

  • Afternoon: 1pm-5pm

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