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Volunteer With Us For Project 2024

UT Austin Volunteers:

Register as an individual or to work with a group!  Any Longhorn - student, staff, faculty, or alumni - is encouraged to be there! You'll choose your site at the time of registration, so if you're with a group, make sure you know which site your group is working at when you sign up.  Groups may work together at one site, but for liability reasons, each person from the group must register individually!

Priority Registration (student and staff organizations) Dates: December 1 - January 26

General Volunteer Registration Dates: January 16 - March 2


Community Members and Neighborhood Residents:

Dove Springs/78744 Residents and Community Members:  We welcome your participation in The Project!  We hope to meet many of you on March 2nd and that we will get to work with you at all of our sites.  No sign-up is necessary, just choose a site you'd like to help with, and check in with the site leader when you arrive!  Shifts are 10am-2pm and 1pm-5pm.  Don't worry if you can't stay for the whole 4 hours - any time you can give would be great!

Volunteers not affiliated with UT Austin or partner neighborhoods:  Thank you for your interest!  While we would love for everyone who is interested in volunteering to help out on Project day, our capacity at our worksites doesn't typically allow us that option.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at



Texas Exes Austin Chapter:

We will have special work sites dedicated for any UT alumni who would like to come out and volunteer on Project day!  As always, we look forward to seeing our Project alums, and are thrilled to be joined by members of the Texas Exes Austin Chapter for our 23rd anniversary!  For more information, visit contact the chapter!



Team Leads:

Team Leads are The Project's event staff.  It's a great opportunity for leadership experience, safety and facilitator training, and for a bigger piece of the action on Project day!

Please visit our Team Lead page for more information.

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